About Bridal Sashes&Belts

Bridal sashes are a growing trend in the wedding fashion world. An elegant and perfectly placed bridal belt can help accentuate your natural curves, slim and flatter your waist, and break up what might otherwise be a uniform expanse of the white dress. With a decorative bridal sash or belt from AW Bridal, you can add pops of color or sparkle and highlight the beauty of your dress. We offer bridal belts decorated with rhinestones, pearls, and delicately beaded patterns. As is the case with other wedding accessories, you can choose a belt or sash that compliments the rest of the wedding dresses and your theme.

For a highly decorated dress or one with colorful undertones, a simple belt might do. But for a simple wedding dress, an ornate and eye-catching sash can complete the look in an awe-inspiring way. Our incredible collection of bridal sashes and belts range from those that add understated elegance to others that feature eye-catching designs. We have something to match the taste of every bride. Be sure to try different options at different heights to find the one that best compliments the style of your wedding dress, and bring a bridesmaid dress or two for an extra set of eyes.